Michael DeArmond

Michael DeArmond

Senior Research Analyst

Michael DeArmond is a Senior Research Analyst at the Center on Reinventing Public Education. Mike's
research looks at how districts and schools manage teacher talent and at the implementation of
complex district-level reforms within the central office. He's currently working on a study of
Washington State's principal workforce and principal-related HR practices in Washington's school
districts. Mike has a PhD in education and an MPA in social policy and education, both from the
University of Washington, and a BA in history from Brown University. Prior to working as a researcher
he was a middle school history teacher.

Making School Choice Work: It Still Takes a City

Michael DeArmond explains how city leaders can make school choice work for all families, in this essay prepared for the PIE Network 2014 Policy Summit.

School Leadership in Washington State: Today's Leaders and Key Challenges They Face

This brief discusses the ever-increasing importance of Washington State’s school principals and provides descriptive analyses of the principal workforce that uncovers opportunities for improvement....

Missing Out on Strong School Leaders? A Survey of Principal Hiring and Support in Washington State

This report explores how Washington State school districts hire and support its principals. A 2013 survey of Washington superintendents and principals highlights areas of concern but...

Making School Choice Work

This report examines the experience of parents in cities with multiple public school options to answer the question, how can civic leaders create a choice system that works for all families?

HR with a Purpose: Building Talent for Distinct Schools and Networks

Prepared for the American Enterprise Institute Conference, “Teacher Quality 2.0: Will today’s reforms hold back tomorrow’s schools?”

Date: Apr 3 2014
Where: Philadelphia, PA

The AERA Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of scholars in the field of education research. It is a showcase for ground-breaking, innovative studies in a diverse array of areas—from early education through higher education, from digital learning to second language literacy.

Date: Mar 13 2014
Where: San Antonio, TX

Several CRPE researchers are presenting work at the 2014 Association for Education Finance and Policy (AEFP) Spring Research Conference in San Antonio, Texas, March 13-15.

Sep 19 2014

Mike DeArmond is quoted in this article from The Commercial Appeal on school registration problems in Memphis.

Sep 3 2014

CRPE's survey on Washington State leadership is featured on the Seattle Times Education Lab Blog.

Jul 19 2014

Dropout Nation reviews CRPE's new report on the barriers to school choice.

Jul 9 2014

New survey finds many city parents are choosing their child’s public school, but challenges remain.

Jul 9 2014

This Chalkbeat Colorado article features CRPE's new report on the barriers to school choice created by fragmented governance of public school systems.

Nov 13 2014

Robin Lake discusses the current failures of Detroit's public school system, and why she's optimistic for its renewal.

Sep 10 2014

With many schools needing urgent attention, we must prioritize hiring and supporting principals who will make dramatic changes that motivate teachers and lead strong improvement efforts, writes Christine Campbell.

Mar 26 2014

Michael DeArmond explains how this 1990 report moved him from thinking about the classroom to thinking about the bigger picture, and led him to CRPE, where the report's underlying issues still drive much of our work.

Mar 13 2014

Control over school facilities is a powerful but easily misused governance tool, writes Paul Hill, and he's got a remedy.

Dec 10 2013

Michael DeArmond cautions that state-mandated teacher evaluation systems can weaken principals’ ability to manage teacher talent and urges flexibility for schools that have purposeful HR systems.

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