Raegen Miller

Raegen Miller

Federal Barriers to Innovation

While some federal initiatives, such as The Investing in Innovation Fund (i3), have been aimed at promoting innovation in education, some of the fiscal requirements of two large federal education programs--namely Title I and IDEA Part B--stand in the way. This paper identifies three fiscal requirements of...

The Sheepskin Effect and Student Achievement: De-emphasizing the Role of Master's Degrees in Teacher Compensation

The Center for American Progress and the Center on Reinventing Public Education have previously pointed out the potential advantages of more complex teacher...

Separation of Degrees: State-By-State Analysis of Teacher Compensation for Master's Degrees

School district finances are organized around the assumption that revenues will increase more or less steadily, and at a rate higher than inflation. Recent shifts in the underlying economic...

Nov 13 2012

In times of scarce resources and limited dollars, finding cost-effective ways to promote innovations in education is imperative.

Jul 20 2009

Seattle, WA - In this recessionary climate of depressed revenues and budget cuts for education, school districts across the U.S. would be foolhardy not to rethink paying teachers for master's degrees, according to a new report out today.

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