These resources are provided by a district, charter school, charter management organization, or other provider as an example of how their city is innovating in its efforts to implement the portfolio strategy. CRPE does not endorse the materials nor do we guarantee that they are current.

Denver Public Schools Charter Renewal 2014
Denver Public Schools

This presentation covers the DPS 2014-15 charter and contract school renewal process, including rubric and standards being used for renewal analysis and the decision-making process.

Request for Application: Andrew H. Wilson Charter School
New Orleans Recovery School District

The RSD sought proposals from organizations interested in transforming Andrew H. Wilson Charter School. This RFA used a rubric that included parent and community member input.

Louisiana BESE Charter School Standards
New Orleans Recovery School District

This bulletin is established to set forth the requirements for applying for a charter to operate an independent public school, the principles and requirements of authorizing the operation of a...

Denver: Call For New Quality Schools
Denver Public Schools

The Call For New Quality Schools is published to provide context and information to launch the new school process each year. This website supplies the context of the vision and strategic plan for...

New Schools for Baton Rouge: Building and Mobilizing an Authentic Community Demand for Excellent Schools
New Schools for Baton Rouge

This one-pager relays early reflections and lessons learned from NSBR and MetroMorphosis about how to engage the community and attract excellent schools.

Denver Public Schools' Tiered Quality Assurance Overview
Denver Public Schools

DPS's Tiered Quality Assurance is a system of differentiated supports, oversight, strategic planning, and accountability measures that are aligned to push schools to dramatically improve or be...

Denver Public Schools' Strategic Regional Analysis
Denver Public Schools

The Strategic Regional Analysis (SRA) is a key planning document that supports the Denver Plan 2020 goal of having at least 80% of students attending SPF green or blue schools in every region. The...

Denver Public Schools' School Quality Framework and Rubric
Denver Public Schools

DPS's School Quality Framework was developed based on research and a study of best practices both nationwide and within other DPS departments. While the School Quality Framework includes a wide...

Spokane Collaboration Compact
Spokane Public Schools, PRIDE Prep

In this Spokane collaboration compact, the district and charter sector are working toward closing the achievement gap and ensuring that all students are prepared for a variety of post-secondary...

Recovery School District's Differentiated Funding Formula
New Orleans Recovery School District

As a city, New Orleans recognizes that more must be done to ensure an excellent education for students with disabilities. This presentation highlights the revised differentiated funding formula...


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