These resources are provided by a district, charter school, charter management organization, or other provider as an example of how their city is innovating in its efforts to implement the portfolio strategy. CRPE does not endorse the materials nor do we guarantee that they are current.

NYC DOE Org Chart 2016

NYC DOE HS Progress Report 2011-2012


New York City's 2011-2012 Progress Report, an annual school report card based on progress, performance, and school environment. The report also includes college and career readiness measures.

Oakland's Contract Waiver Process


This document was created in 2000 by Oakland Unified School District to define the process of establishing waivers for contracts and policies.

Oakland's School Performance Framework Report Guide


This is a two page document helps to walk a parent through how to read the SPF Report.

Oakland's "What is the School Performance Framework?" - Two Pager


Two pager from Oakland Unified School District explaining the School Performance Framework using infographics. The documents provides a definiition of the framework, what the goal is, and the data...

Innovation Restart Model
Indianapolis Public Schools

Indianapolis Public School's Innovation Restart Model is effective in the 2016-17 school year. A school that has been rated an ‘F’ and/or designated low-performing by the district for three...

Cleveland Education Compact
Cleveland Metropolitan School District

The Cleveland Education Compact builds upon the current efforts of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, charter school leaders, and local civic leaders, to improve education for all...

Sample Principal Media Toolkit for IPS College Night
Indianapolis Public Schools

This media toolkit was provided to Indianapolis Public School principals to advertise the district's first-ever college information night. In the toolkit, you'll find promotional materials for...

Cincinnati Schools Accelerator CEO Job Description
Bellwether Education Partners

Bellwether Education Partners authored this CEO job description for the Cincinnati Schools Accelerator. This is a good example of a CEO position overview as well as key duties and responsibilities...

DPS Charter Renewal 2014
Denver Public Schools

This presentation covers the DPS 2014-15 charter and contract school renewal process, including rubric and standards being used for renewal analysis and the decision-making process.


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