These resources are provided by a district, charter school, charter management organization, or other provider as an example of how their city is innovating in its efforts to implement the portfolio strategy. CRPE does not endorse the materials nor do we guarantee that they are current.

A Fine Balance
David Cicarella

David Cicarella, the head of the New Haven Federation of Teachers, shares how union members and the New Haven School District worked together to create a new teacher evaluation system.

Spokane Collaboration Compact
Spokane Public Schools, PRIDE Prep

In this Spokane collaboration compact, the district and charter sector are working toward closing the achievement gap and ensuring that all students are prepared for a variety of post-secondary...

TN ASD Principal Job Description
Tennessee ASD

This resource is an Elementary School Principal job description for the Tennessee Achievement School District.

Quality School Services
Excellent Schools Detroit

On this website, schools in Detroit are able to procure and rate services of external service providers.

RSD Differentiated Funding Formula
New Orleans Recovery School District

As a city, New Orleans recognizes that more must be done to ensure an excellent education for students with disabilities. This presentation highlights the revised differentiated funding formula...

Success Express: Transportation Innovation in Denver Public Schools
Todd Ely, Paul Teske

After years of setting the groundwork, Denver Public Schools (DPS) launched the Success Express shuttle bus service in Denver’s Near Northeast (NNE) and Far Northeast (FNE) regions in August 2011...

School Design Support (Draft)
Cleveland Metropolitan School District

This presentation explains what Student Based Budgeting is. It also provides examples of successful implementation of SBB in other schools, explanation of supports provided during roll-out,...

TOT Program: Financial Incentives to Teachers Who Take on Challenging Assignments
NYC Department of Education

In recognition of the challenges of teaching in their highest-need schools, the New York City Department of Education offers financial incentives to teachers who take on challenging assignments....

TeachNYC Select Recruits Program
NYC Department of Education

The Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality (TRQ) selects top tier prospective teachers in shortage subject areas for a job search support program called TeachNYC Select Recruits.

Teacher Incentive Fund
NYC Department of Education

The Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grant was awarded to the DOE in September 2012 by the U.S. Department of Education to implement and refine a teacher career pathway in select high-need middle...


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