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Governing Schools for Productivity
February, 2014
Paul Hill

In this paper for the Bush Center, Paul Hill explains why educational productivity matters & how new governance arrangements can promote it.

pub_capacity challenge_dec13.pdf
The Capacity Challenge: What It Takes for State Education Agencies to Support School Improvement
December, 2013
Ashley Jochim, Patrick J. Murphy

This study explores the primary obstacles that inhibit state education agencies from better supporting school and district improvement.

The SEA of the Future: Prioritizing Productivity
November, 2013
Betheny Gross, Ashley Jochim, Marguerite Roza, Michael Podgursky

Edited by Betheny Gross and Ashley Jochim, this volume begins a conversation with state education leaders about productivity.

The SEA of the Future: Leveraging Performance Management to Support School Improvement
May, 2013
Betheny Gross, Ashley Jochim, Paul Hill, Patrick J. Murphy, Sam Redding

This edited volume explores how state education agencies (SEAs) can leverage performance management tools to provide strong support for school improvement.

Principal Concerns: Leadership Data and Strategies for States
September, 2012
Christine Campbell, Betheny Gross

This report offers a set of powerful new tools to help state policymakers diagnose their principal workforce needs and develop comprehensive strategies to address them.

Modernizing the State Education Agency: Different Paths Toward Performance Management
September, 2012
Patrick J. Murphy, Lydia Rainey

This project shows how eight state education agencies have reshaped their organizations to address the challenges of improving their lowest-performing schools. By focusing on states at the forefront of the turnaround effort,...

Tinkering Toward Transformation: A Look at Federal School Improvement Grant Implementation
March, 2012
Sarah Yatsko, Robin Lake, Elizabeth Cooley Nelson, Melissa Bowen

In 2009, the federal government committed over $3 billion to help states and districts turn around their worst-performing schools. This report looks at the results of a field study of the first-year implementation of those...

Beating the Odds: How State Education Agencies Can Better Support School Turnarounds
September, 2011
Sarah Yatsko, Melissa Bowen

This essay was written for the PIE Network 5th Annual Policy Summit, September 2011. The authors argue that states can maximize their support for turnaround work by pushing for bold, workable plans, providing technical...

State Education Agencies Overlooked in Education Reform? Talent Is the First Place to Start
September, 2011
Christine Campbell, Michael DeArmond

This essay was written for the PIE Network 5th Annual Policy Summit, September 2011. The authors note that state education agencies have been tasked with increasing student outcomes on fewer funds and examine whether they are...

The Changing Role of States in Education: The Move from Compliance to Performance Management
September, 2011
Patrick J. Murphy, Paul Hill

This essay was written for the PIE Network 5th Annual Policy Summit, September 2011. The authors argue that state education agencies need to shift from their role of compliance monitor to performance manager—a shift most are...


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