Independent peer review is an integral part of all CRPE research projects. Peer reviews are conducted by research or policy professionals who are not members of the CRPE project team.

Some externally published work, such as commissioned papers, books and book chapters, journal articles, and op eds, may be hosted on other sites, and some may require purchase or subscriptions to view.

Innovating Toward Sustainability: How Computer Labs Can Enable New Staffing Structures, and New Savings
December, 2012
Suzanne Simburg, Marguerite Roza

Using wage and staffing data from states, this paper projects the financial and staffing implications of one innovative school model (the Rocketship lab rotation) to highlight potential impacts on the schooling workforce and total per-student spending.

Getting Down to Dollars and Cents: What Do School Districts Spend to Deliver Student-Centered Learning?
November, 2012
Larry Miller, Betheny Gross, Monica Ouijdani

This report offers the first detailed look into the financial implications for public schools embracing student-centered learning models.

For Next-Generation Educating, We Need Next-Generation Funding
December, 2011
Paul Hill

In this Education Week commentary, author Paul Hill suggests how to transform our education funding system in order to promote digital learning and technological innovation.

New York City’s iZone
January, 2011
Robin Lake, Betheny Gross

In 2010, New York City’s Department of Education created the Innovation Zone to employ cutting edge technology to solve students’ most persistent learning problems. This study analyzes the iZone's impact so far.

Curing Baumol’s Disease: In Search of Productivity Gains in K–12 Schooling
July, 2010
Paul Hill, Marguerite Roza

Improvements in productivity in other sectors may hold important lessons for understanding how the education system can become more efficient.

Multiple Pathways To Graduation: New Routes to High School Completion
May, 2010
Shannon Marsh, Paul Hill

Leading districts are creating multiple pathways to graduation that might keep students from dropping out. Early results are promising.

Unique Schools Serving Unique Students: Charter Schools and Children with Special Needs
May, 2010
Robin Lake

This book offers a pioneering look at the role of charter schools in meeting the needs of special education students.

Portfolio School Districts for Big Cities: An Interim Report
October, 2009
Paul Hill, Christine Campbell, David Menefee-Libey, Brianna Dusseault, Michael DeArmond, Betheny Gross

Study on four urban school districts experimenting with new school designs and new ways of holding schools accountable for performance by implementing a "portfolio strategy."

Performance Management in Portfolio School Districts
August, 2009
Robin Lake, Paul Hill

As portfolio districts take on duties they were not designed for, this report offers guidance on how to manage some of the most complicated tasks.

Must Public Education Suffer From Baumol's Disease?
August, 2008
Marguerite Roza

In this commentary from The Denver Post, Marguerite Roza explores the phenomenon of Baumol's disease in education—the tendency for costs to rise even as outputs stay the same.


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