Independent peer review is an integral part of all CRPE research projects. Peer reviews are conducted by research or policy professionals who are not members of the CRPE project team.

Some externally published work, such as commissioned papers, books and book chapters, journal articles, and op eds, may be hosted on other sites, and some may require purchase or subscriptions to view.

Improving Student Opportunities and Outcomes in Hartford Public Schools
June, 2013
Christine Campbell, Betheny Gross

This analysis of Hartford Public Schools seeks to show whether opportunities to attend quality schools and student outcomes have improved as the district implemented the portfolio strategy.

Hopes, Fears, & Reality: A Balanced Look at American Charter Schools in 2012
May, 2013
Robin Lake

This year's edition focuses on growth and innovation and pushes charter school leaders to consider whether they are fully using their flexibility and autonomy on behalf of students.

The SEA of the Future: Leveraging Performance Management to Support School Improvement
May, 2013
Betheny Gross, Ashley Jochim, Paul Hill, Patrick J. Murphy, Sam Redding

This edited volume explores how state education agencies (SEAs) can leverage performance management tools to provide strong support for school improvement.

Common Core: Will Charter Schools Lead or Lag?
March, 2013
Robin Lake, Tricia Maas

This paper was prepared for the American Enterprise Institute's "Common Core Meets the Reform Agenda" Conference.

A reform at risk? The political realities of the Common Core
March, 2013
Ashley Jochim

This paper was prepared for the American Enterprise Institute's "Common Core Meets the Reform Agenda" Conference.

Portfolio Strategies, Relinquishment, The Urban School System of the Future, and Smart Districts
February, 2013
Paul Hill, Ashley Jochim, Christine Campbell

This brief shows how some new proposals for K-12 public education governance are complements, rather than alternatives, to the portfolio strategy.

BRIEF - Principal Concerns in Wisconsin: Focus on Future Leaders for Rural Schools
February, 2013
Katherine Martin

This analysis finds that over 70% of Wisconsin's school leaders will still be on the job in five years, with rural districts most affected by upcoming retirements.

Steps in the Right Direction: Assessing “Ohio Achievement Everywhere” – the Kasich Plan
February, 2013
Paul Hill

In this short report, Paul Hill evaluates Ohio Governor John Kasich's education budget proposal.

Principal Concerns in Indiana: Focus on Developing Current Principals
January, 2013
Katherine Martin, Michael DeArmond

This analysis finds two thirds of Indiana principals will likely still be leading schools in five years, suggesting the state should focus on evaluating, supporting, and developing its current school leaders.

Student-Based Allocation to Enable School Choice
January, 2013
Marguerite Roza, Suzanne Simburg

This brief explains the need for student-based allocation to enable student choice and portable funding across schools within districts.


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