Charter Schools and Public School Choice

Charter Schools and Public School Choice

Charter schools offer the potential to create high-performing public schools in districts typically plagued by poor student outcomes. Too often, however, the charter school debate is marred by biased research and polemics. Like all important reform efforts, credible research and analysis must accompany innovation.

To assess whether charter schools are fulfilling their mission, we rigorously evaluate their performance, costs, and ability to address unique student needs. New data and evidence help innovators across the country collaborate, communicate, and develop best practices.

Current work: Charter Schools and Special Education Enrollment
This study explores why charter schools tend to enroll fewer special education students.
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Current work: Effects of Common Enrollment Systems
This study analyzes the design and implementation of unified enrollment systems in Denver Public Schools and the Recovery School District in New Orleans—two districts that have led the way in designing enrollment systems that include all district and charter schools. CRPE will also study the planning process underway to create a similar enrollment system in Philadelphia.
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