District-Charter Collaboration

District-Charter Collaboration

Historically, relationships between school districts and charter schools have been rocky. To address this, charter schools and districts have signed collaboration compacts in 21 major cities where they are working together to share resources within the school system.

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CRPE is helping these and other portfolio cities to reinvent their central office structures so charter schools can become a normal part of a district’s efforts to better meet student needs.

The compacts can include:

  • Ways to streamline the application process for all schools
  • Common performance measurements so that parents can understand how different schools compare
  • How district and charter schools will share new tools for supporting teacher and principal professional growth opportunities, leadership development, and performance.
  • Commitments to locate schools in high-need areas
  • Collaboration across campuses to share best practices and norm expectations
  • All Compact cities have increased communication and have begun moving away from a combative past. In most of these initial 16 cities, education leaders have sustained broad buy-in and focus on common interests of shared responsibility and school quality.

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has funded a multi-year initiative to support the design and implementation of District-Charter Collaboration Compacts.

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