Finance and Productivity

Finance and Productivity

Traditional school finance research tracks how the government distributes funds among school districts. Instead, we focus on how districts and schools use their funds and how these uses affect students’ learning opportunities.
We hope to help district and school leaders structure policy and allocate funds in ways that use every dollar to the students’ maximum benefit.

Current Work: The Costs of Blended Learning Models
We are currently analyzing the financial implications of blended learning models in 30 schools compared to traditional school funding models.

Blended learning integrates modern technology with traditional teaching in order to help students master content and skills. Its greatest advantage is that it allows students of different skill levels to learn at the pace that is right for them. Understanding how schools can use technology, funds, and teacher time efficiently will be key to expanding the success of blended learning models. The study will identify the barriers to creating successful blended learning programs and offer recommendations for overcoming those barriers.

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