Redesigning State Education Agencies

Redesigning State Education Agencies

Despite the fact that states are constitutionally responsible for education, most reform initiatives do not address state policies.

Our work explores the current functions of state government in K-12 education and asks:

  • What role could states play in a public school system built for innovation, accountability, and high performance?
  • Around what roles and missions could state governments be rebuilt, and what organizational capacities should state governments develop?
  • How should these efforts be funded and governed?

Current Work: Building State Capacity and Productivity Center
Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, this national center helps state education agencies across the country adapt to growing demands for greater productivity while in the midst of tight fiscal realities.

The Center will provide information, tools, and implementation support to departments of education in all 50 states plus 21 other regional and content centers.

CRPE and its BSCP Center partners will support states in their emerging efforts to become more active school performance managers.

CRPE is pleased to partner with Edvance Research, Inc., the Academic Development Institute (ADI), and the Edunomics Lab at Georgetown University on the Building State Capacity and Productivity Center (BSCP Center). This team of partners brings nationally recognized experience in research and technical assistance.

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