In a Changing Rural America, What Can Charter Schools Offer?

May 24 2017

Terry Ryan and Paul Hill offer real-world examples of how chartering can be successful in rural communities in this blog originally posted in Brookings Chalkboard.

Communications Specialist

May 1 2017

The Communications Specialist will work with the Director of Communications to set center-wide communications priorities and develop and execute integrated outreach strategies for CRPE projects and publications. The Communications Specialist will lead CRPE’s social media and email marketing efforts, working to dramatically accelerate the center’s reputation, influence, and impact.

District and Charter Leaders Talk Collaboration…In a Fishbowl

May 2 2017

It’s common knowledge that school districts and charter schools rarely collaborate. At best, they are like oil and water and at worst, like cats and dogs.

Increasing the Demand for High-Quality Schools in Cleveland

May 16 2017

Mike DeArmond and José Hernández profile Cleveland’s school transformation plan, launched five years ago, and find promising trends in its initiatives to improve school choice.

Personalized Learning Will Live or Die on Ability to Manage Change

May 10 2017

Robin Lake weighs in on the importance of change management when implementing personalized learning. This is the ninth installment in our series of "Notes From the Field."

Teachers Don’t Need to Go It Alone on Personalized Learning

May 3 2017

Betheny Gross shares how some localities are creating system-level initiatives and networks to help educators remake their classrooms. This is the eighth installment in our series of "Notes From the Field."

Time to Help Teachers Generate and Use Their Own Evidence on Digital Tools

Apr 26 2017

Betheny Gross and Michael DeArmond urge educators to seek out systematic evidence on digital tool effectiveness. This is the seventh installment in our series of "Notes From the Field."

Are We Personalizing Learning for the Students Who Need It Most?

Apr 19 2017

Robin Lake cautions that one-size-fits-all personalized learning programs are likely to let some students fall through the cracks. This is the sixth installment in our series of "Notes From the Field" on personalized learning.

Dear States: Don’t forget about us. Love, the 95% of your schools not slated for turnaround.

Apr 10 2017

Jordan Posamentier discusses CRPE’s new analysis on how states are retooling their education accountability systems under ESSA.

Charters Must Avoid Recreating the Failed School District Financial Model

Apr 6 2017

Paul Hill and Robin Lake caution that charter schools must avoid accumulating big fixed costs in order be financially sustainable.


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