Are We Personalizing Learning for the Students Who Need It Most?

Apr 19 2017

Robin Lake cautions that one-size-fits-all personalized learning programs are likely to let some students fall through the cracks. This is the sixth installment in our series of "Notes From the Field" on personalized learning.

Dear States: Don’t forget about us. Love, the 95% of your schools not slated for turnaround.

Apr 10 2017

Jordan Posamentier discusses CRPE’s new analysis on how states are retooling their education accountability systems under ESSA.

Charters Must Avoid Recreating the Failed School District Financial Model

Apr 6 2017

Paul Hill and Robin Lake caution that charter schools must avoid accumulating big fixed costs in order be financially sustainable.

Starting With the “Why” in Personalized Learning

Apr 12 2017

Betheny Gross says that for personalized learning programs to be successful, schools must first understand why they are implementing it. This is the fifth installment in our series of "Notes From the Field" on personalized learning.

What’s Next for Newark?

Mar 29 2017

With the return to local control, NPS leaders will need to work with the city’s surging charter sector to ensure opportunity and equity citywide.

Tapping the Political Power of State Chiefs

Mar 15 2017

Paul Hill and Ashley Jochim discuss ideas from their new paper, The Power of Persuasion: A Model of Effective Political Leadership by State Chiefs.

A troubling contagion: The rural 4-day school week

Mar 6 2017

Hill and Heyward caution that the shorter school week isn't saving rural schools money, and it's risky for students.

How State Education Philosophy Informs Local District-Charter Cooperation Efforts

Mar 7 2017

States diverge considerably in their philosophy about the relationship between school districts and charter schools, and the difference seems to matter to local collaboration efforts.

Is Charter School Growth Flat-Lining?

Feb 17 2017

Robin Lake considers the reasons, and possible solutions, for the recent decline in charter growth.

With Liberty Comes Responsibility: Why the Portfolio Strategy Matters Now More Than Ever

Feb 28 2017

As the school choice debate becomes more polarized, Robin Lake urges education leaders to double down on working across sector lines.


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