Tapping the Political Power of State Chiefs

Mar 15 2017

Paul Hill and Ashley Jochim discuss ideas from their new paper, The Power of Persuasion: A Model of Effective Political Leadership by State Chiefs.

A troubling contagion: The rural 4-day school week

Mar 6 2017

Hill and Heyward caution that the shorter school week isn't saving rural schools money, and it's risky for students.

How State Education Philosophy Informs Local District-Charter Cooperation Efforts

Mar 7 2017

States diverge considerably in their philosophy about the relationship between school districts and charter schools, and the difference seems to matter to local collaboration efforts.

Is Charter School Growth Flat-Lining?

Feb 17 2017

Robin Lake considers the reasons, and possible solutions, for the recent decline in charter growth.

With Liberty Comes Responsibility: Why the Portfolio Strategy Matters Now More Than Ever

Feb 28 2017

As the school choice debate becomes more polarized, Robin Lake urges education leaders to double down on working across sector lines.

Taking Betsy DeVos Up on What She Has Said

Feb 6 2017

Paul Hill looks for potential areas of agreement with the new education secretary.

Necessity, Not Nicety: What We’ve Learned About District-Charter Alliances

Jan 23 2017

The payoff of well-chosen cooperation is worth the effort for districts, charters, and families, writes Robin Lake.

A Better Future for Rural Communities Starts at the Schoolhouse

Jan 10 2017

Paul Hill urges rural schools to better prepare students for the constantly evolving mainstream economy.

Six Unifying Education Policy Ideas for 2017

Jan 4 2017

Robin Lake rings in the new year with some ideas for making progress on education reform.

Collaboration and the Calendar Invite: Building Trust through the Dreaded Meeting

Nov 30 2016

Animosity between school districts and charter schools has been the norm since the nation’s first public charter school opened in 1992.


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