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What if High School Were Different?

Georgia Heyward | Tue, 06/18/2019

To realize the goals of "new CTE," we must not only rethink our notions of vocational training; we must also reimagine how we go about secondary schooling.

Separating Fiscal Fact from Fiction: Journalists Needed

Robin Lake | Thu, 06/13/2019

Journalists must take the lead in separating fact from fiction in the debate on charter schools' fiscal impacts on districts.

Charter Schools: Good or Bad for Students in Districts

Paul Hill | Mon, 06/10/2019

Paul Hill argues that the question of effects of charter growth on district schools and students is important enough to warrant thorough and objective study and that we should not settle for incomplete or cherry-picked evidence.

New Ideas for a New Era of Public Education

How can schools prepare students for tomorrow’s challenges?
Considering ways to "unbundle" learning when the need for advanced skills, social cohesion, and adaptability have never been greater.

Can we create school accountability policies that people will believe in?
Ideas for integrated “light” governance to ensure necessary oversight while encouraging innovation and personalization.

How will teachers manage an increasingly complex profession? 
Elevating teacher voice and differentiating roles to better diagnose student needs, curate activities, and assess learning.

What can we do to prepare students for the work of the future?
Restructuring the traditional high school-college-career continuum to create more equitable pathways to economic and social mobility.