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The Future of Charter Schooling May Mean a Return to Its Roots

Paul Hill | Thu, 02/20/2020

The future of chartering may look more like the origins of the charter movement than its recent past.

Compatibility Error: Today's High-Performing Charter Models Can't Run on District Operating Systems

Steven Wilson | Wed, 02/19/2020

How does the political lift of remedying that incompatibility compare with that of expanding the charter sector itself?

A More Skeptical Take on Charter Growth

Robin Lake | Thu, 02/13/2020

The charter movement must face up to self-inflicted wounds and missteps that hamper growth and exacerbate political resistance. 

Seizing the Opportunity: Educating Students with Disabilities in Charter Schools

Researchers at CRPE and the National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools (NCSECS) spent 12 months studying charter schools that are getting results in educating students with disabilities.

We found schools using their flexibility to put students at the center of everything they do. Leaders committed to meeting every student's individual needs. Teachers blurred the lines between special and general education and worked together to solve problems. Parents were full partners in setting learning goals for their children.

A new resource bank of school profiles includes concrete examples that can help any student improve instruction of students with disabilities.

Learn more about our work on special education here.