Component Resources

Jun 2013
District-Charter Collaboration Compact: Interim Report

This interim report details the first two years of district-charter collaboration in 16 Compact cities, including lessons learned and potential opportunities and challenges ahead.

Feb 2013
Portfolio Strategies, Relinquishment, The Urban School System of the Future, and Smart Districts

This brief shows how some new proposals for K-12 public education governance are complements, rather than alternatives, to the portfolio strategy.

Dec 2012
Strife and Progress: Portfolio Strategies For Managing Urban Schools

This new book from Paul Hill and colleagues explains the underlying idea of the portfolio strategy.

Oct 2012
Portfolio School Districts in Transition: Steering Through Uncharted Waters

This brief recaps the themes of the seventh Portfolio School District Network that was held in Seattle, WA, July 2012. It also outlines some of the supports that CRPE is providing to help districts keep moving forward.

Jun 2012
Logic Model: How Education Challenges Add Up to 7 Portfolio Components

This logic model outlines the premises, strategy principles, actions, and reform elements of the Portfolio School District model.

Jan 2006
The Future of Public Education in New Orleans

This essay is part of a collection of essays published by The Urban Institute that assess the challenges facing New Orleans and recommend tested models for making the city's social infrastructure stronger and more equitable than it was before Katrina.

Oct 2004
Making School Reform Work: New Partnerships for Real Change

Edited by James Harvey and Paul T. Hill, this book identifies roles for foundations and civic groups in defining strategies for big-city school reform, and ensuring that promised changes are implemented. This is the third and final book in a series on big city school reform initiated by the Brookings Institution.