Component Resources

Mar 2010
Paul Hill: Reinventing Our Ideas About Public Education

The CRPE founder isn’t afraid to challenge existing institutions when they fail to serve kids, and respects the evidence, no matter what it says. A look at Hill's legacy.

Aug 2009
Performance Management in Portfolio School Districts

As portfolio districts take on duties they were not designed for, this report offers guidance on how to manage some of the most complicated tasks.

Mar 2012
Better Schools Through Better Politics: The Human Side of Portfolio School District Reform

This working paper series examines the politics of portfolio school district reform, with a primary focus on the issues surrounding high school closures.

Oct 2011
The 7 Components of a Portfolio Strategy

This one-pager outlines the 7 key components upon which the portfolio strategy is built.

May 2011
Contracted Providers: Overcoming Challenges in a Portfolio School District

Over the past two decades, some district leaders have asked urban universities to develop emergency strategies to rescue low-performing schools. How do universities and districts develop effective relationships that align with their missions? 

Feb 2012
The Portfolio Mindset: Innovation Starts from the Ground Up

In January 2012, over 100 district and charter leaders gathered in New Orleans for the sixth Portfolio School District Network meeting. John White, new state superintendent of Louisiana, launched the meeting with the idea of a "portfolio mindset," one that believes that innovation comes from the ground up. This brief presents the themes that emerged from the two-day meeting, as well as next steps for the network.

Sep 2011
Creating Recovery School Districts to Drive Reforms: Lessons from Louisiana

As states look at building their own recovery school districts, this essay outlines key lessons from Louisiana’s leaders.

Jan 2011
New York City’s iZone

In 2010, New York City’s Department of Education created the Innovation Zone to employ cutting edge technology to solve students’ most persistent learning problems. This study analyzes the iZone's impact so far.

Jun 2011
Growing Number of Districts Seek Bold Change With Portfolio Strategy

A growing number of urban districts across the country are pursuing a "portfolio strategy," profoundly changing the role of the school district and its relationship to schools in order to bring about dramatically better outcomes for students. This interim assessment summarizes the significant findings from the first three years of CRPEs study of the development of the portfolio strategy in districts nationwide.