Current Research

We study how practice, policy, and governance can improve public education for all students. By examining the systems that surround schools and classrooms, we challenge long-standing assumptions and search for innovative solutions.

Agile Learning

Today's students face an uncertain future, with rising economic inequality and rapid technological change. Despite recent improvement, public education still lacks the capacity to meet students’ changing needs and to adapt to our changing world.

Driving questions:
  • Can public education develop individualized pathways that support every student’s aspirations?
  • How are schools innovating to serve students with disabilities and complex learners?
  • Can public education draw lessons from emerging school models and harness community assets to better serve all students?

CRPE Research: Innovation & Technology, Rural Education, Special Education, Charter Schools & Public School Choice

Citywide Strategies

Systems-level reforms such as the portfolio strategy introduce opportunities for continuous improvement. But shifting away from centralized management can be challenging for a city or community’s education leaders. Navigating new school choices can be a hurdle for families.

Driving questions:
  • How can a citywide approach to education drive continuous improvement of school systems?
  • How can city leaders better recruit and develop talent and build a supply of school options that meet their community’s diverse needs?
  • How do families experience school choice?
  • How can school districts and charter schools collaborate?

CRPE Research: Portfolio Strategy, Charter Schools & Public School Choice, District-Charter Collaboration, Unified Enrollment, Managing Human Capital

Governance and Accountability

A more agile and decentralized education system must accommodate flexibility and innovation, meet high academic standards, and ensure taxpayer dollars are used responsibly.

Driving questions:
  • How should school districts and state agencies re-mission themselves to focus on oversight rather than operations?
  • How do policies, programs, and incentives, support new and innovative learning opportunities for students and their families while also protecting the public interest?

CRPE Research: Charter Management Organizations, Finance & Productivity, Accountability & State Oversight