2020-21 Fall Reopening Plans and Summer Responses to COVID-19 Closures

This database tracks over 100 districts that range in size and geography, and serve nearly 10 million students. It includes the 30 largest districts in the country, members of the Council of the Great City Schools, smaller districts that participate in CRPE’s rural studies, and at least one district from otherwise unrepresented states. Please note that this is not a representative sample.

We are continuously updating this database to reflect districts’ rapidly evolving reopening plans. This is a preliminary review of publicly available information from district websites and media reports, which are changing constantly. We strive to provide information that is accurate, complete, and current, but we realize district plans are changing rapidly. If you have questions, or see information in our database that needs updating, please email us at crpedatabase@uw.edu.

Spring District Responses

This database tracked school COVID-19 responses in 82 school districts and 18 charter school management organizations, serving nearly 9 million students. To create this database, we searched for as many publicly posted district plans as we could find via the Council of the Great City Schools, Chiefs for Change, and crowdsourced recommendations. Please note that this is not a representative sample. 

We have completed this analysis as of May 15, 2020, and are no longer updating this database.

Our Analysis

More districts opt for virtual learning; Senate HEALS Act out of touch with public health reality

Robin Lake, Bree Dusseault | Tue, 07/28/2020

While many districts hope to delay the start of an eventual return to in-person instruction, at least the first few weeks of the 2020-21 school year promise to be a return to remote learning.

More districts are going remote; will they avoid spring's missteps?

Bree Dusseault, Lanya McKittrick | Thu, 07/23/2020

With public health concerns mounting, a growing number of school districts in our nationwide review have shifted their fall plans and are now on track to begin the year fully remote.  

First District Reopening Plans Illuminate Tradeoffs and Confusion In Politically Charged Environment

Robin Lake, Bree Dusseault | Tue, 07/14/2020

Our review of some of the first U.S. districts to release more detailed information on fall 2020-21 planning shows districts are taking divergent paths. 

The Wait for Fall Reopening Plans, and the First Details to Emerge

Bree Dusseault, Georgia Heyward | Mon, 06/29/2020

Four months into COVID-19, and just weeks out from the new school year, very few districts in our database report concrete expectations for the  2020-21 school year. 

Too Many Schools Leave Learning to Chance During the Pandemic

Betheny Gross, Alice Opalka | Wed, 06/10/2020

A new brief summarizes our findings from a review of COVID-19 response plans of 477 school districts across the country.

Districts Are Missing an Opportunity to Innovate as Most Take Traditional Approaches to Summer School

Bree Dusseault, Sean Gill, Lisa Chu | Wed, 06/03/2020

Summer offers an opportunity for districts to begin addressing learning gaps that emerged this spring, as well as other needs—like social interaction and special education services—that were unmet while school buildings were closed.

Still No Consistent Plan for Remote Learning for Hundreds of Thousands of Students at Some of America's Biggest School Districts

Bree Dusseault, Travis Pillow | Fri, 05/15/2020

Nearly two months into our nationwide tracking effort, most of the 82 school districts we reviewed provide some form of instruction.

Remote Classes Are in Session for More School Districts, But Attendance Plans Are Still Absent

Robin Lake, Bree Dusseault | Mon, 04/27/2020

Assuming districts’ attention will soon turn to commencement celebrations, summer learning, and fall contingency planning, it is not clear how much more progress will be made on remote learning this school year.