School District Responses to COVID-19 Closures

This database tracks 100 large and urban districts that range in size and geography, and serve nearly 10 million students. It includes the 30 largest districts in the country, members of the Council of the Great City Schools, and at least one district from otherwise unrepresented states. Please note that this is not a representative sample. Please see our latest update of a nationally representative sample of reopening plans here.

We update this database biweekly using a periodic review of publicly available information from district websites, board meeting records, and media reports. We strive to provide information that is accurate, complete, and current, but we realize district plans are still prone to shifts that may not be immediately reflected here. If you have questions, or see information in our database that needs updating, please email us at at

Last updated October 2021. See below for previous databases tracking district responses in spring, summer, and fall 2020.

2020–21: The State of School Reopening

What we've learned over the last year's analysis of school system responses to the pandemic and implications for students, families, and public education.

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Fall 2020 Promising Practices

As districts prepared for the 2020-21 school year, many described plans to support students, families, and staff in new ways. This document is a dynamic tool designed to describe some of these promising practices and provide links to publicly available artifacts.

CRPE’s review includes 106 districts across 50 states, most located in urban centers. We have also included promising practices identified by a national panel convened in partnership with the Collaborative for Student Success. How plans are put into practice and what lessons emerge remain to be seen.

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Past Databases