Our work is shaping the public debate and informing media coverage of critical issues related to distance learning. We are also partnering with other organizations on a number of projects aimed at helping schools, districts, and states find solutions.

"Only about a third of the districts said they were working to deliver laptops or tablets to students. Only five said they were delivering mobile phones or wireless hot spots to students."
New York Times Editorial Board

"What we're seeing is just an incredibly wide range of experiences on the ground."
- NPR's All Things Considered

" their credit, most schools’ first effort has been on safeguarding health."
Los Angeles Times Editorial Board

"The majority of school districts are treating remote offerings as optional 'supplemental,' 'enrichment' or 'review' material instead of for-credit class work."
Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

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Other organizations are presenting our data on distance learning plans for specific groups and regions.

 The Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education is using our codebook to publish a database on Massachusetts school districts’ distance learning plans.

 EducationNC published a database on North Carolina school district plans.

DelawareCAN published a database on Delaware district and charter school plans.

ConnCAN published a database on Connecticut school district plans.