Tuesday, October 23, 2012 to Thursday, October 25, 2012
Cleveland, Ohio

Our latest support offering is the Portfolio 101 Leadership Training. It includes workshops, exercises, and participant-led discussions on many key topics.

Meeting materials from the Cleveland training can be found below.

Why Cleveland?
After laying the groundwork for several years, Cleveland has recently adopted the portfolio model (Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools) and is taking the steps necessary for aggressive implementation. The Portfolio 101 Leadership Training will take place in Cleveland and will feature key district and city leaders speaking about their portfolio strategy and what enabled Cleveland to launch a bold new agenda, including Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Eric Gordon, Chief Executive Officer, Cleveland Metropolitan School District. The training will also feature CRPE portfolio experts Paul Hill, Marguerite Roza, Robin Lake, Christine Campbell, Betheny Gross, and Sarah Yatsko on strategy, implementation, finance, and charter schools.

Here's What Participants Said About the 101 Training ...

"This was a great conference. Smart people, pertinent topics. I look forward to further collaboration."

"Great job! The content and the climate of the sessions was wonderful."

"CRPE's Portfolio 101 Leadership training has clarified areas that I needed to understand in a solid manner."

"This has been massively helpful to push our thinking."

"I have a clear understanding of next steps."

"If you're a part of the portfolio network you get these really deep dive reviews (through the snapshot) of where you were at, where you are now, and where you need to go."

"Thanks for making such a great learning experience possible.”