Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Presenter: Paul Hill, Founder, CRPE and Research Professor, UWB
Moderator: Christine Campbell, CRPE Deputy Director of Policy

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Over the past decade, leading districts around the country have pursued a strategy that profoundly changes the role of the school district and its relationship to schools. This approach, known as the “portfolio strategy,” is a performance management model for districts that aims to create dramatic student achievement gains at scale. The strategy is built on three key efforts working in tandem: creating more high-quality schools regardless of provider and giving families choice; giving schools autonomy over staff and funding; and holding all schools accountable for performance.

CRPE has been studying the development of the portfolio strategy in New York City, New Orleans, Chicago, Denver, Hartford, and other cities. This webinar provides an introduction to the portfolio strategy, why districts adopt it, what they find challenging, and whether they are seeing benefits to students. The webinar will be followed by an open question session.