Wednesday, October 17, 2012


  • Elliot Witney, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Innovation, Spring Branch Independent School District
  • Pamela Butler, Executive Director, Secondary Teaching and Learning
  • Ken Goeddeke, KIPP Houston, Head of Schools

Moderator: Sarah Yatsko, Senior Research Analyst, Center on Reinventing Public Education

See below for presentation slides.

The school district in Spring Branch, Texas, has set an ambitious goal: by 2017 the ISD will double the number of students completing some form of higher education. How does a school district rethink principal, teacher and central office staff training to meet this goal? In this webinar, CRPE learns from compact leaders who have created a new model for how district and charter schools can share leadership training and best instructional practices. District leaders discuss how they have created organizational disruption by co-locating district and charter schools and participating in KIPP’s leadership programs, and charter leaders discuss the advantages and pain points of working with the district.

WEBINAR: Sharing Instructional Practices in Spring Branch from CRPE on Vimeo.