Alice Opalka

COVID-19 Revealed New Roles for Cities to Create a Continuum of Support for Youth and Families. They Shouldn't End with the Pandemic

This brief examines the involvement of the 100 largest cities in the U.S. in creating learning pods during the pandemic.

School Reopening Trends Offer Districts the Opportunity to Start Planning Beyond the Pandemic

Our latest analysis of school district learning models from March 1 to March 13 finds that a clear majority—57 percent—of the nation’s school districts report offering full-time in-person...

U-Turn: Surge of COVID Cases Reverses Reopening Progress in America's School Districts

Our December review of a statistically representative sample of 477 districts found 31 percent are operating in fully remote learning—a larger percentage than at any other point during the fall...

One Step Forward, One Step Back: Public Health Fears Keep America's School Districts on a Reopening Treadmill

This brief gives an update on our nationally representative sample of school district reopening plans.

Getting Back to School: An Update on Plans from Across the Country

This brief gives a snapshot from August 17–21 of how school districts across the country are planning for fall 2020.

Sep 14 2020

Alice Opalka is quoted in Chalkbeat Newark about the shift to virtual learning.

Sep 11 2020

Alice Opalka is quoted in Chalkbeat Chicago on how districts are approaching virtual learning for the new school year.

Jul 13 2017

Robin Lake and Alice Opalka write on the importance of collaboration between school districts and charter schools in this piece for Education Next.

Feb 11 2021

Community-based organizations and adults beyond the teacher are playing an increased role supporting students and their families through the pandemic, but there is room for more learning pods to take advantage of their flexible nature to provide more well-rounded support.

Sep 10 2020

Students in the highest-poverty school systems can’t afford to wait for instruction to go back to “normal.”

Sep 1 2020

Do district central offices need to seize more control, or can they empower school leaders to meet community needs?

Aug 12 2020

We describe the key findings from our work with rural districts during the pandemic.

Jun 10 2020

A new brief summarizes our findings from a review of COVID-19 response plans of 477 school districts across the country.