Cristina Sepe

Better Schools Through Better Politics: The Human Side of Portfolio School District Reform

This working paper series examines the politics of portfolio school district reform, with a primary focus on the issues surrounding high school closures.

Will Seniority-Based Layoffs Undermine School Improvement Efforts in Washington State?

This brief examines why policies known as “last in, first out” may disproportionately affect schools receiving federal School Improvement Grants.

The Promise of Cafeteria-Style Benefits for Districts and Teachers

This brief describes how a different method of supplying benefits to employees might work for districts: cafeteria plans. While typical school district plans offer a one-size-fits-all package of benefits to employees, cafeteria plans allow...

Seattle Public Schools Performance Analysis 2009–2010

This brief analyzes Seattle's school 2009-2010 performance levels, how performance varies across the city, and how access to high-performing schools varies across demographic groups.

Washington State High Schools Pay Less for Math and Science Teachers than for Teachers in Other Subjects

In this brief, CRPE analysts find that most of Washington's largest districts spend less per math or science teacher than for teachers in other subjects.

Mar 7 2011

Seattle, WA - A new analysis finds that policies known as 'last in, first out' may disproportionately affect schools receiving federal School Improvement Grants (SIGs).

Dec 9 2010

Seattle, WA - School districts should consider restructuring the way they supply benefits for teachers, according to a new fiscal analysis by the Center on Reinventing Public Education.

Aug 18 2010

Seattle, WA - Despite the fact that Washington's Legislature and Governor last session passed a law (House Bill 2621) intending to accelerate the teaching and learning of math and science, the system is hardwired to do the opposite.

May 21 2010

Seattle, WA - K-12 school districts that lay off teachers by seniority, a policy known as "last in, first out," disproportionately affect the programs and students in their poorer and more minority schools than in their wealthier, less minority counterparts.

Mar 22 2010

Seattle, WA - Total education jobs are in an unprecedented decline, according to a new analysis by the Center on Reinventing Public Education in Seattle. However, the study demonstrates that Federal stimulus dollars appear to have played a significant role in saving teachers' jobs.