Dan Goldhaber

Returns to Skill and Teacher Wage Premiums: What Can We Learn By Comparing the Teacher and Private Sector Labor Markets?

This paper offers empirical evidence on the size of incentives that might be needed to make teaching a relatively more attractive occupation for people with...

A Leap of Faith: Redesigning Teacher Compensation

This paper briefly summarizes three School Finance Redesign Project teacher compensation studies that begin to help build the evidence base for teacher pay reform.

Is it Better to be Good or Lucky? Decentralized Teacher Selection in 10 Elementary Schools

This working paper presents results from a qualitative field study of school-based hiring—one of the more foundational ideas for reforming centralized and bureaucratic human resource management (...

Community Colleges and Higher Education: How Do State Transfer and Articulation Policies Impact Student Pathways?

This paper reviews state cross-institutional policies designed to better integrate community colleges with four-year college and university system schools, and...

Ch. 4 - Look Familiar? Charters and Teachers (HFR '07)

This chapter of examines whether charter schools are making full use of their freedoms by innovating around teacher compensation.