Dan Goldhaber

Seniority Rules: Do Staffing Reforms Help Redistribute Teacher Quality and Reduce Teacher Turnover?

This paper finds that shifting from a seniority-based hiring system to a “mutual consent” hiring system leads to a short-term increase in turnover and inexperienced teachers, but after a...

Can Transfer and Articulation Policies Propel Community College Students to a Bachelor's Degree—and Is This the Only Goal?

This brief considers the role of transfer and articulation policies in higher education policy and administration.

Community College Transfer and Articulation Policies: Looking Beneath the Surface

This paper explores the relative importance of specific policy components on post-secondary outcomes, and how such policies impact students with different aspirations or economic and ethnic backgrounds.

Scrambling the Nest Egg: How Well do Teachers Understand Their Pensions and What Do They Think about Alternative Pension Structures?

This paper adds to the nascent literature on teacher pensions by exploring two questions: How well do teachers understand their current pension plans?...

The Productivity Imperative: Getting More Benefits From School Costs in an Era of Tight Budgets

In this commentary, the authors argue that the economic crisis could ultimately strengthen public education if leaders make tough resource decisions that can produce greater efficiencies.