Dan Player

Returns to Skill and Teacher Wage Premiums: What Can We Learn By Comparing the Teacher and Private Sector Labor Markets?

This paper offers empirical evidence on the size of incentives that might be needed to make teaching a relatively more attractive occupation for people with...

Are Public Schools Losing Their 'Best'? Assessing the Career Transitions of Teachers and Their Implications for the Quality of the Teacher Workforce

This paper examines attrition and mobility of early-career teachers in North Carolina public schools using teacher value-...

Teacher Labor Markets and the Perils of Using Hedonics to Estimate Compensating Differentials in the Public Sector

Policymakers and researchers alike have expressed concern about a teacher quality gap between schools with affluent student populations and the more disadvantaged ones....

Why Do So Few Public School Districts Use Merit Pay?

This working paper presents a principal-agent model in the context of public schools to help explain the factors that affect district decisions about merit pay.