Elizabeth Cooley Nelson

The Best of Both Worlds: Can District-Charter Co-Location Be a Win-Win?

This report explores the challenges of leveraging co-location as a tool for school improvement.

District-Charter Collaboration Compact: Interim Report

This interim report details the first two years of district-charter collaboration in 16 Compact cities, including lessons learned and potential opportunities and challenges ahead.

Tinkering Toward Transformation: A Look at Federal School Improvement Grant Implementation

In 2009, the federal government committed over $3 billion to help states and districts turn around their worst-performing schools. This report looks at the results of a field study of the...

Ch. 2 - Mastering Change: When Charter Schools and District Schools Embrace Strategic Partnership (HFR '11)

This chapter examines factors that are driving districts to collaborate with charters, what those collaborations look like, and the politics both sides must deal with.

Date: Oct 17 2012
Where: Online

Compact leaders in Spring Branch have created a new model for how district and charter schools can share best instructional practices.

Date: Sep 12 2012
Where: Online

State and district leaders will spark a frank conversation about whether and how to use state accountability system in districts’ school choice processes.

Date: Jun 5 2012
Where: Online

How district and charter leaders are rethinking talent management by providing leaders-in-training an opportunity to shadow successful educators.

Date: May 4 2012
Where: Online

What Boston District-Charter Collaboration Compact leaders are doing to meet the needs of ELLs: the supports, challenges and opportunities.

Date: Apr 26 2012
Where: Online

CRPE researchers Betheny Gross and Elizabeth Cooley Nelson show participants how to assess the scope and quality of choice in their own districts.

Jul 17 2013

CRPE's Compact Interim Report is highlighted in this blog by Joe Siedlecki of the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.

Jul 2 2013

US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan cited CRPE report on district-charter collaboration in his remarks to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools 2013 "Delivering On the Dream" conference.

Jul 1 2013

CRPE’s interim report spells out early lessons, opportunities, and challenges for 16 Compact cities.

Mar 29 2012

Seattle, WA - Just over two years ago, the federal government committed over $3 billion nationwide to help states and districts turn around their worst-performing schools. The U.S. Department of Education intended for the School Improvement Grants (SIGs) to spur dramatic change.