Georgia Heyward

Senior Research Analyst


Georgia Heyward is a senior research analyst at the Center on Reinventing Public Education. Georgia’s research is focused on the implementation of policy and strategic reform initiatives. She leads projects related to career pathways and postsecondary transitions, school innovation and choice, state policy, and rural education. Georgia started her career as a bilingual elementary teacher through the NYC Teaching Fellows program. Georgia has a BA in Liberal Arts from Evergreen State College and an MEd in Education Policy from the University of Washington.

How Eight Rural Districts Came Together to Redefine Postsecondary Success in the Midst of a Pandemic

This brief explores how eight rural Colorado school districts increased youth access to internship and dual enrollment opportunities in the 2020-21 school year.

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This brief highlights six promising practices for serving students with disabilities after the pandemic.

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How Is School Enrollment in Washington State Shifting during COVID-19?

This brief examines shifts in Washington State's public school enrollment after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aug 27 2019

Georgia Heyward is quoted in the Colorado Sun about the impact of a four-day school week on student performance.

Aug 28 2018

Georgia Heyward discusses her research on the financial effects and student outcomes of the four-day school week.

Jul 25 2018

Georgia Heyward is quoted in this Chalkbeat article about Detroit's new public school guide, which lets parents compare district and charter school options.

May 21 2018

Georgia Heyward is quoted by NBC News on the expansion of four-day weeks in public schools.

Apr 18 2018

Georgia Heyward is interviewed by Governing on the four-day school week.

Jun 3 2021

We set out to assess what family-teacher partnerships have looked like in high school throughout the pandemic—paying close attention to promising new developments and enduring areas of need.

Apr 24 2021

Eliminating a full day of in-person instruction was always a high-cost strategy from an education standpoint, and now we have confirmation that it's unnecessary.

Apr 1 2021

A year into the pandemic, what are New England students’ prospects for successfully navigating life after high school?

Sep 25 2020

Are districts setting teachers up with professional learning opportunities that will allow them to navigate the pandemic successfully?

Jul 21 2020

CRPE and Public Impact are wrapping up our review of state reopening plans. If first impressions portend what’s to come, there are big reasons to be concerned.