Jon Christensen

Ch. 1 - The Charter Landscape, 2004-2009 (HFR '09)

In this chapter, Jon Christensen, Jacqueline Meijer-Irons, and Robin Lake lay out the basic data on charter school growth from 2004-2009.

Charter High Schools: Alternative Paths to Graduation

This white paper explores the alternative path to graduation that charter high schools make possible.

Custom Tailored: Trends in Charter School Educational Programs

This research brief analyzes detailed descriptions of charter school educational programs to better understand how these schools tailor their programs to meet their students' needs.

Ch. 5 - Safety and Order in Charter and Traditional Public Schools (HFR '07)

This chapter of examines an issue of intense interest to parents, students, and staff—school safety.

Ch. 1 - The National Charter School Landscape in 2007 (HFR '07)

This chapter of examines the growth of charter schools from 2004-2007 and explores how charter schools differ from traditional public schools in...