Jordan Posamentier



How States Can Promote Local Innovation, Options, and Problem-Solving in Public Education

State policy should encourage and empower school district innovation and improvement strategies.

Sticking Points: How School Districts Experience Implementing the Portfolio Strategy

This analysis of trends across portfolio districts shows where cities are making progress on strategy implementation and where they are getting bogged down.

Suburban Schools: The Unrecognized Frontier in Public Education

This paper reviews trends around changing student populations in suburban America and the accompanying demands facing suburban public school systems.

Feb 28 2017

Deputy policy director Jordan Posamentier is quoted in The Atlantic on implications and recommendations for suburban districts serving increasingly diverse student populations.

Aug 30 2016

Deputy policy director Jordan Posamentier and research analyst Sean Gill presented CRPE's research on district-charter collaboration to a state-appointed committe on Little Rock area schools.

Jun 17 2015

CRPE's annual assessment of portfolio strategy progress across school systems is featured in this Education Week article.

Mar 6 2015

Jordan Posamentier writes that Georgia district leaders shouldn't wait on the governor's proposed statewide district plan to start turning around their lowest-performing schools, in this guest opinion article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Apr 10 2017

Jordan Posamentier discusses CRPE’s new analysis on how states are retooling their education accountability systems under ESSA.

May 12 2016

What are the "sleeper provisions" of ESSA that might encourage the further expansion of parental choice, at least if advocates seize the opportunity? Jordan Posamentier responds to Fordham's 2016 Wonk-a-Thon question.

Dec 9 2015

Jordan Posamentier explores how innovative ideas from other realms could be used to solve K-12 school system challenges.

Sep 1 2015

New Orleans used the portfolio strategy to rebuild its school system after Hurricane Katrina. Jordan Posamentier explains why the strategy can better position districts to be resilient in the face of disasters.

Jun 17 2015

Christine Campbell and Jordan Posamentier provide insights on the newest annual assessment of school systems implementing the portfolio strategy.