Kacey Guin

What Is the Sum of the Parts? How Federal, State and District Funding Streams Confound Efforts to Address Different Student Types

This report demonstrates in greater detail than ever before how America’s methods of school finance work against a single-minded focus on student...

Lessons from the Headlines: Key Questions for Districts Attempting to Close Schools

This brief touches on the experiences of urban school districts as they sought to close schools. It offers insight into the critical questions districts encountered and different paths chosen during the process.

Do Districts Fund Schools Fairly?

This study takes an in-depth look at funding differences between and within Texas school districts and finds that funding decisions within districts currently have a greater impact on a school’s resources than inequalities in access to revenues across school districts.

Spending Choices and School Autonomy: Lessons From Ohio Elementary Schools

This study examines resource allocation patterns across elementary schools and how these patterns differ depending, in part, on various levels of autonomy over resources at the school level.

No Longer the Only Game in Town: Helping Traditional Public Schools Compete

This report reveals how two very different school districts, Milwaukee and Dayton, are affected by and responding to the pressures of school choice.