Karen Hawley Miles

Taking Stock of the Fiscal Costs of Expanded Learning Time

This report provides a framework for policymakers and practitioners to identify the key cost components involved in expanding the school day.

District Resource Allocation Modeler (DREAM): A Web-Based Tool Supporting the Strategic Use of Educational Resources

This paper is a companion piece to the District Resource Allocation Modeler (DREAM) tool developed by Education Resource Strategies.

The ERS District Resource Allocation Modeler (DREAM): A Tool to Help District Officials Reallocate Resources

This policy analysis tool, created by by Education Resource Strategies, helps districts deliberate about how to use funds effectively.

Understanding Student-Weighted Allocation as a Means to Greater School Resource Equity

As attention shifts to how districts allocate resources to schools, student weighted allocation has emerged as an alternative to traditional staff-based allocation policies. This article examines how...

Leveling the Playing Field: Creating Funding Equity Through Student-Based Budgeting

This report, published by The Phi Delta Kappan, traces Cincinnati Public Schools's process of moving to a system of student based budgeting: funding children rather than staff members, and weighting...

Sep 28 2017

School finance expert Karen Hawley Miles writes that some urban schools are finding new ways to organize resources to reach high standards.