Katharine Destler

Quality Improvement and Performance Management in Schools: Lessons From Abroad

This paper considers systematic school reform efforts in Australia, New Zealand and England, where each government took steps to heighten accountability, decentralize governance and invest in schools’ capacity to...

Contrasting Approaches to Charter School Oversight

This paper outlines competing principles of charter school oversight and examines how those principles affect an authorizer’s approach to finding and selecting new schools, conducting day-to-day oversight of performance, and responding to the threat of school failure...

Buying Smart in Thin Markets: District Tactics to Improve the Quality and Quantity of Autonomous Schools

This paper identifies tactics districts can use to influence the factors that shape the supply and quality of providers of autonomous schools in thin markets.

Working With Private Partners to Manage the Market: Collaborative Approaches to Charter School Oversight

This paper finds that informal partnerships between authorizers and private organizations have the potential to improve the quality and quantity of new schools.

Teacher Labor Markets and the Perils of Using Hedonics to Estimate Compensating Differentials in the Public Sector

Policymakers and researchers alike have expressed concern about a teacher quality gap between schools with affluent student populations and the more disadvantaged ones....