Lydia Rainey

Making Sense of Charter School Studies: A Reporter's Guide

This guide educates the media and decision-makers about what questions to ask regarding charter school research, and provides them with information about the limits of any new research.

Modernizing the State Education Agency: Different Paths Toward Performance Management

This project shows how eight state education agencies have reshaped their organizations to address the challenges of improving their lowest-performing schools. By focusing on states at the forefront of...

Custom Tailored: Trends in Charter School Educational Programs

This research brief analyzes detailed descriptions of charter school educational programs to better understand how these schools tailor their programs to meet their students' needs.

Finding a Balance: How Application and Authorization Policies Impact School Supply

This paper describes how high-quality authorizers have changed their application procedures and standards and examines the effect these changes have had on the quality and quantity of new charter school...

Ch. 3 - A One-Day Ceasefire: What Charter School and Teachers Union Leaders Say When They Meet (HFR '06)

This chapter of Hopes, Fears, & Reality: A Balanced Look at American Charter Schools in 2006 presents the results of a meeting between charter school leaders and...

Sep 19 2012

Seattle, WA - As both the federal government and states face unprecedented challenges in raising standards and increasing outcomes for all students, state education agencies (SEAs) need to take a new approach; one focused less on compliance and more on performance management.