Marguerite Roza

The SEA of the Future: Uncovering the Productivity Promise of Rural Education

Edited by Betheny Gross and Ashley Jochim, this fourth volume of the SEA of the Future details how rural schools and districts are innovative in how they deliver services, recruit teachers, use technology, and serve special...

Title I: Time to Get It Right

This brief presents five clear principles on which Title I formulas should be based and progress measured.

The SEA of the Future: Building the Productivity Infrastructure

Edited by Betheny Gross and Ashley Jochim, the essays in this third volume of the SEA of the Future describe a "productivity infrastructure" intended to provide a foundation for the work of SEAs.

The SEA of the Future: Prioritizing Productivity

Edited by Betheny Gross and Ashley Jochim, this volume begins a conversation with state education leaders about productivity.

Ch. 4 - Innovating Toward Sustainability: How Computer Labs Can Enable New Staffing Structures and Savings (HFR '12)

Suzanne Simburg and Marguerite Roza lay out the cost savings possible if blended learning were adopted by all U.S. public elementary schools, not just charter schools...

Jul 13 2015

CRPE affiliate Marguerite Roza is quoted in this Chalkbeat Indiana article about Indianapolis Public Schools implementing the portfolio strategy.

Feb 12 2015

Marguerite Roza and Robin Lake’s blog on fixing Title 1 is highlighted in this Education Week commentary about accountability and school improvement.

Jun 10 2013

In a guest blog for the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation's occasional series on portfolio districts, Roza explains how student-based allocation facilitates the goal of districtwide improvement.

May 9 2013

The seventh edition of Hopes, Fears, & Reality explores whether charters are living up to their promise of fostering innovation.

Feb 21 2013

Today’s headlines that public school class sizes are growing larger are often exaggerated. Some states have increased class sizes slightly since the recession of 2008, but others have held steady or declined. The average class is still smaller than it was in the 1999-2000 school year.

Jun 2 2015

Ashley Jochim and Betheny Gross suggest four ways that states can best support rural schools and districts.

Feb 6 2015

The ESEA rewrite should require districts to level the financial playing field before doling out Title I dollars, write Marguerite Roza and Robin Lake.

May 1 2014

Larry Miller revisits the groundbreaking study that revealed how the budgeting system used by most districts was broken - and how to fix it.