Raegen Miller

Federal Barriers to Innovation

This report identifies three fiscal requirements of federal education programs that stand in the way of promoting innovation in education. The authors recommend modifications that would break down barriers to innovation as well as promote smarter, fairer uses of taxpayer money to support public education....

The Sheepskin Effect and Student Achievement: De-emphasizing the Role of Master's Degrees in Teacher Compensation

This Center for American Progress brief dissects the nation’s sizeable investment in master’s bumps as a means of highlighting policy obstacles to a more smartly...

Separation of Degrees: State-By-State Analysis of Teacher Compensation for Master's Degrees

This analysis argues that in the current fiscal climate, districts should rethink automatically paying teachers for master's degrees, and consider how money could instead be channeled into...

Nov 13 2012

In times of scarce resources and limited dollars, finding cost-effective ways to promote innovations in education is imperative.

Jul 20 2009

Seattle, WA - In this recessionary climate of depressed revenues and budget cuts for education, school districts across the U.S. would be foolhardy not to rethink paying teachers for master's degrees, according to a new report out today.