Sarah McCann

Project Manager

Sarah McCann is a project manager and researcher at the Center on Reinventing Public Education. She previously served as the National Coordinator for the Education Policy Fellowship Program at the Institute for Educational Leadership. Sarah holds a BA in Geography & Anthropology and an MA in Social Development from the University of Sussex. She brings curiosity and a can-do spirit to all of her work.

How Schools Adapt during the Pandemic Can Reshape Adolescent Learning Experiences for Generations

This brief, informed by interviews with school and system leaders in the New England region, suggests some efforts to reinvent schools before the pandemic have helped schools to navigate the...

Mar 17 2021

We remain largely in the dark about what exactly students can expect to learn and what academic support they will receive for the rest of this challenging school year.

Aug 4 2020

For many students returning to class in the coming weeks, it will be back to school online.