Sarah Yatsko

Sarah Yatsko

Senior Research Analyst

Twitter: @sarahyatsko

Sarah Yatsko currently holds the position of Senior Research Analyst at the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) at the University of Washington where she has worked since 2007. Since joining CRPE she has conducted research and analysis on the efficacy and impact of public school district policies including in depth case studies of comprehensive district-wide reform efforts in cities across the country. She has secured research grants, developed study design and methodology, conducted analysis and been primary author on multiple education policy research papers and briefs. Her current work includes acting as lead researcher and supervising multimillion dollar study of a philanthropic investment that encourages collaboration between school districts and charter schools in 25 cities. Tying her background in juvenile justice to her work at CRPE, Sarah has also authored one report and several blogs and op-eds on the use of school discipline in district and charter schools across the country. She has presented her research to school districts and boards, at national education conferences and her work has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and on NPR’s All Things Considered. Prior to her work in education policy and research Sarah spent over a decade working in the public defender offices King County, Washington with adjudicated youth proving sentencing mitigation planning and support. She has also lead research and authored reports on juvenile criminal legal representation and barriers to employment for public assistance recipients.

Collision Course: Embracing Politics to Succeed in District-Charter Collaboration

This report examines how politics shapes the work of district-charter collaboration and offers strategies for district and charter leaders to improve their chances of success.

Bridging the District-Charter Divide to Help More Students Succeed

Based on six years of research, this report explores why a growing number of districts and charter schools are choosing to work together, the costs and benefits of different types of cooperation, and the real impacts of successful collaboration on students and...

Unifying Enrollment in Camden: How Families Experienced the New Enrollment System

This study explores families’ experiences choosing and enrolling in schools using the new Camden Enrollment, and provides recommendations for improvements to the system.

Apples to Apples: Common School Performance Frameworks as a Tool for Choice and Accountability

CRPE's new paper focuses on developing a common school performance framework, tool for measuring performance of an individual school using a defined set of metrics that is common to schools across different agencies or governing bodies...

Herding Cats: Managing Diverse Charter School Interests in Collaboration Efforts

This paper looks at why many cities have missed opportunities to create more lasting relationships between their district and charter sectors, and offers suggestions for fostering stronger partnerships that...

Date: Mar 17 2016
Where: Denver Marriott City Center

Here's where to find CRPE experts at the 2016 Association for Education Finance and Policy (AEFP) 41st Annual Conference.

Saturday, March 19

Date: Jun 21 2015
Where: Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans

CRPE's Betheny Gross, Sarah Yatsko, and Sean Gill are participating in the National Charter Schools Conference. Here's what they'll be discussing:

Date: May 13 2013
Where: Online

This webinar provides a deep dive into the portfolio strategy, the importance of school autonomy within a district context, and the conditions that make a district a promising choice for Carnegie Corporation of New York's "Opportunity by Design" initiative.

Date: Oct 17 2012
Where: Online

Compact leaders in Spring Branch have created a new model for how district and charter schools can share best instructional practices.

Date: Jun 5 2012
Where: Online

How district and charter leaders are rethinking talent management by providing leaders-in-training an opportunity to shadow successful educators.

Apr 10 2017

CRPE's district-charter collaboration convening is cited in The Seventy-Four.

Jan 26 2017

Seattle, WA – In more than two dozen cities across America, public charter schools and traditional district schools are putting aside their ideological differences to share resources, ideas, strategies, and responsibilities to benefit students and families, according to a report released today by the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) at the University of Washington Bothell.

Dec 14 2016

CRPE senior research analyst Sarah Yatsko is interviewed by California School Business magazine on her district-charter collaboration work.

Jun 16 2016

Seattle, WA – There’s ample incendiary debate over student discipline these days, with plenty of finger pointing aimed at “no excuses” charter schools that suspend or expel students at very high rates.

Feb 22 2016

Sarah Yatsko appeared on KING-5 News to discuss discipline in light of a Washington State committee meeting on House Bill 1541, which aims to alleviate student achievement consequences related to expulsion.

Jan 25 2018

Increasingly complex school choice systems are spurring local organizations to offer hands-on support for low-income families.

May 25 2016

While the overuse of harsh discipline practices is an issue for both charter and traditional public schools, Sarah Yatsko writes that charters could take the lead on innovating fair and effective student discipline.

Mar 17 2016

Sarah Yatsko urges LAUSD Superintendent Michelle King to follow through on her call for traditional public schools and charters to work together.

Sep 9 2015

Sarah Yatsko takes issue with recent talking points about school discipline, and offers evidence to inform a better conversation.

Aug 27 2015

Sarah Yatsko recently talked with two superintendents about an under-the-radar trend in district hiring practices: filling high-level central office positions with leaders from the charter sector.

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