Sivan Tuchman

All Together Now: Getting Students with Disabilities What They Need During the Pandemic

During the 2020–21 school year, we learned through a series of interviews that most teachers missed out on the power of collaborative interactions between general and special educators.

How Is School Enrollment in Washington State Shifting during COVID-19?

This brief examines shifts in Washington State's public school enrollment after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Support Every Student: Lessons from Five Charter Schools on Effective Special Education During the Pandemic

In-depth case studies of five charter schools reveal lessons learned on educating students with disabilities remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Does It Take to Educate Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities in General Education Settings? Lessons from Washington’s Public Charter Schools

This report includes in-depth case studies of five Washington State charter schools to understand their strategies for full inclusion...

Finding a Great Fit: Improving the School Choice Process for Students with Disabilities

Two briefs provide a summary of the special education landscape in New Orleans and Washington, D.C., and offer recommendations for further steps that might be taken to strengthen the cities’ support...

Jul 29 2018

Sivan Tuchman is interviewed by The Seattle Times about CRPE's 2018 report Are Washington Charter Public Schools Serving Students with Disabilities?

Aug 6 2017

Robin Lake and Sivan Tuchman write in The 74 that disability rights advocates are mistargeting their concerns by fighting school choice.

Jun 16 2016

Seattle, WA – There’s ample incendiary debate over student discipline these days, with plenty of finger pointing aimed at “no excuses” charter schools that suspend or expel students at very high rates.

Nov 13 2018

Sivan Tuchman and Travis Pillow share findings from a new analysis of student access to out-of-school learning opportunities in Denver.

Aug 23 2018

In our recent special education study, we found that Washington state’s charter schools are serving students with disabilities at a higher rate than the national charter

Mar 13 2018

Sivan Tuchman and Robin Lake explore differing special-education graduation rates in two states and call on education leaders to do more to prepare students with disabilities for college and life.

Jan 16 2018

Sivan Tuchman urges the school choice community to use language that fosters common ground.

Aug 8 2017

Focus on policies that help families choose the right school for their children’s unique needs, write Robin Lake and Sivan Tuchman.