Steven Hodas

Steven Hodas was Executive Director of the New York City Department of Education's Office of Innovation under Mayor Bloomberg, pioneering new approaches to large–district problem-solving and procurement. A former CRPE Practitioner-in-Residence, Education Week "Leaders to Learn From" Award recipient, and NASA Education pioneer, Steven has designed a wide range of education services and policies, from the first platform for large-scale district formative assessment to national K12 antibias programs to a revamped education system for the US Bureau of Prisons. He currently serves as the Senior Strategic Lead for citiesRISE, a global youth mental health non-profit, and is the founder of The Paleogene Project, which re-envisions the structural, functional, and political relationships between public schools and their communities.

Jan 13 2015

A clash of work cultures in the NYCDOE was at the heart of challenges under Joel Klein's tenure, writes Steven Hodas.

Jan 6 2015

Robin Lake and Steven Hodas team up to highlight the challenges innovative school chiefs face when trying to reform outdated procurement practices.

Dec 16 2014

New York City is using game theory to improve matching students with public schools. But for parents, choosing schools is as difficult as ever, writes Steven Hodas.

Dec 10 2014

Steven Hodas illuminates the reasons behind inBloom's failure, and what innovation really means.

Dec 9 2014

Steven Hodas provides insights into the challenges, struggles, and opportunities of large-district attempts to reform longstanding practices and change cultural norms.