Steven Hodas

Steven Hodas was Executive Director of the New York City Department of Education's Office of Innovation under Mayor Bloomberg, pioneering new approaches to large–district problem-solving and procurement. A former CRPE Practitioner-in-Residence, Education Week "Leaders to Learn From" Award recipient, and NASA Education pioneer, Steven has designed a wide range of education services and policies, from the first platform for large-scale district formative assessment to national K12 antibias programs to a revamped education system for the US Bureau of Prisons. He currently serves as the Senior Strategic Lead for citiesRISE, a global youth mental health non-profit, and is the founder of The Paleogene Project, which re-envisions the structural, functional, and political relationships between public schools and their communities.

Changing Methods and Mindsets: Lessons from Innovate NYC

Author Steven Hodas shares his experiences working with the New York Department of Education to foster innovative practices and develop more nimble procurement procedures.

Redesigning the District Operating System

How ingrained district operating systems practices can interfere with policy goals and school-level initiative, and why we need to retool the DOS to enable dynamic problem-solving.

Apr 13 2015

CRPE practitioner in residence Steven Hodas is quoted in this Education Week article on blended learning.

Mar 7 2015

CRPE Practitioner in Residence Steven Hodas discusses centers for educational innovation in this Education Week article.

Mar 24 2021

It would be a mistake to pave over the hundreds of community-based innovations in teaching, learning, childcare, and health and wellness that have sprung up around the country.

May 6 2015

Steven Hodas looks at the inner workings of a school district through the lens of the "district operating system."

Feb 16 2015

The "i" word is overused and misunderstood: Steven Hodas explains why we should instead be focusing on “dynamism,” a pragmatic approach to engaging with problems.

Jan 28 2015

Steven Hodas highlights how districts use regulations to keep the status quo in place, sometimes to bizarre extremes.

Jan 21 2015

Steve Hodas describes how NYCDOE's procurement policies undermine educator initiative and its own best interest to get high-quality people and products.