Steven Wilson

Senior Fellow

Steven Wilson is a Senior Fellow with the Center on Reinventing Public Education. For three decades, Steven has sought to spark change in urban public education—offering fresh ideas in his writing and research, shaping legislative change, and opening new schools that prove what’s possible. Steven founded and built Ascend Learning, a growing network of tuition-free, liberal arts charter schools that today educates 5,500 students in Central Brooklyn. Ascend demonstrated the power of a warm and joyful school culture focused not on ensuring compliance but on fostering student agency—and not only closed but reversed achievement gaps. His first book, Reinventing the Schools: A Radical Plan for Boston, drove the development and passage of the Massachusetts charter school law. Learning on the Job: When Business Takes on Public Schools, won the Virginia and Warren Stone prize for an outstanding book on education and society. Steven is a Pahara-Aspen fellow and a graduate of Harvard University.

Aug 5 2021

Early findings, including participant experiences, from a new teacher mentor program.

Jul 21 2021

A new initiative offers a teacher mentor model as an alternative to the current and ineffective cycle of teacher observation, feedback, and evaluation.

Jan 13 2020

Success Academy has implemented a progressive pedagogy at scale, but the media have overlooked it, argues Wilson.