Tricia Maas

Mind the Gap: Will All Students Benefit From 21st Century Learning?

CRPE researchers find inequities in current 21st century learning approaches and recommend strategies to deliver better learning opportunities for all students.

Leading Personalized Learning

CRPE researchers analyze how school leaders can both encourage experimentation and support the formalization of innovative practice.

Passing Notes: Learning from Efforts to Share Instructional Practices Across District-Charter Lines

This report examines recent efforts of districts and charter schools to share key instructional practices and offers recommendations for education leaders to move forward.

Opening the Schoolhouse Door: Helping Charter Schools Access Space in District-Owned Facilities

This paper reviews state policies on providing charter schools with facilities and recommends better incentives for districts to share space.

Financing Personalized Learning: What Can We Learn From First-Generation Adopters?

This paper takes the first systematic look at costs associated with implementing personalized learning schools, how leaders of these schools choose to allocate their funds, and what it might take to make...

Date: Oct 25 2016
Where: San Antonio, Texas

CRPE research analysts Colleen McCann and Tricia Maas will be presenting on some of our personalized learning work at the annual iNACOL Blended and Online Learning Symposium.

Date: Apr 8 2016
Where: Washington, D.C.

CRPE researcher Tricia Maas is presenting at the 100th annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association in Washington, D.C.

Date: Apr 28 2013
Where: San Francisco, CA

Several CRPE researchers are presenting at the 2013 annual conference of the American Educational Research Association in San Francisco.

Apr 10 2015

Paul Hill and Tricia Maas' blog on charter "backfilling" is cited in this Education Week article.

Jan 6 2015

CRPE's new report on the challenges of procuring innovative goods and services is featured in this Education Week article.

Sep 24 2015

Paul Hill and Tricia Maas call for support of a new initiative to develop innovative high school models and discuss how it could be successful.

May 28 2015

Paul Hill and Tricia Maas explain the need for localities to focus on developing highly targeted charter high schools.

Apr 29 2015

Paul Hill and Tricia Maas discuss challenges and solutions for creating innovative new high schools.

Apr 8 2015

It's time for the charter sector to address the challenge of how charter high schools can meet the needs of all children in a locality, write Paul HIll and Tricia Maas.

Jan 6 2015

Robin Lake and Steven Hodas team up to highlight the challenges innovative school chiefs face when trying to reform outdated procurement practices.