Y. Emily Tang

Y. Emily Tang

A Meta-Analysis of the Literature on the Effect of Charter Schools on Student Achievement

This working paper provides a systematic analysis of the field’s most rigorous studies on charter school achievement.

BRIEF - Charter Schools and Achievement

This brief summarizes findings from The Effect of Charter Schools on Student Achievement: a Meta-Analysis of the Literature, a detailed assessment of the literature on student achievement in charter schools.

The Effect of Charter Schools on Student Achievement: A Meta-Analysis of the Literature

This report infers the causal impact of attending a charter school on student performance and finds that whether charters outperform traditional public schools depends on the location, grade, and subject.

Value-Added and Experimental Studies of the Effect of Charter Schools on Student Achievement: A Literature Review

This paper provides an analysis of 14 charter school studies that use the two most rigorous methods: either randomization based on lotteries, or value-added modeling.

Ch. 1 - Charter Schools and Student Achievement: A Review of the Evidence (HFR '08)

This paper analyzes existing charter outcome studies and finds that there is great variety in charter school performance, with charters outperforming in some grade spans/subjects and underperforming in others...

Oct 25 2011

Seattle, WA - Supporters and critics alike continue to argue about whether charter schools are making a positive difference in the education of America's children. The answer, according to a new analysis of the most rigorous studies conducted to date, is a measured 'yes' in the lower grades.

Nov 3 2014

Julian Betts and Y. Emily Tang respond to a National Education Policy Center review of their report on charter schools and achievement.

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