Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lessons from compact cities on coordinating supports for English Language Learners

In case you missed CRPE’s May 4th webinar, “How District and Charter Schools Coordinate Supports For English Language Learners (ELLs): Lessons From Boston,” click here to watch the webinar or view the presentations.

Dr. Eileen de los Reyes, Assistant Superintendent of English Language Learners at Boston Public Schools, and Diana Lam, Executive Director of the Conservatory Lab School and Steering Committee Member of Boston's Compact, shared a respective lesson learned they hope other compact cities are aware of when implementing professional development to better support English Language Learners:

• Districts often offer teachers a lot of professional development options. New programs must compete for participation and demonstrate their immediate value in the classroom.
• Charter schools cannot wait for ELLs to show up to their schools; instead they must pro-actively recruit and retain them. In Boston, charter leaders worked with the district to coordinate enrollment timelines and to advertise their schools in order to reach more ELLs.