Commentary and Op-ed

  • Aug 6 2017

    Robin Lake and Sivan Tuchman write in The 74 that disability rights advocates are mistargeting their concerns by fighting school choice.

  • Jul 14 2017

    In this Education Week commentary, Paul Hill discusses how moving to a four-day school week won't bring the savings districts need, and suggests alternative options.

  • Jul 6 2017

    Michael DeArmond, with José Hernández, writes for Education Next about Cleveland's challenges with the school choice model.

  • Jun 21 2017

    Betheny Gross writes in The 74 that school choice works best when there are high-quality options everywhere in the city.

  • Jun 12 2017

    In this op-ed for U.S. News & World Report, Robin Lake explains how her views on vouchers have shifted.

  • Jun 1 2017

    Robin Lake and Paul Hill urge the new L.A. school board to avoid repeating mistakes of the past in this Los Angeles Daily News commentary.

  • Mar 26 2017

    In this Seventy-Four commentary, CRPE director Robin Lake writes about the implications for special education in light of the Supreme Court ruling in Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District.

  • Mar 14 2017

    CRPE founder Paul Hill looks at what Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos could likely accomplish with the vouchers she's be able to fund in this Huffington Post piece.

  • Mar 5 2017

    CRPE director Robin Lake asks what a slowing charter school growth trend means for high-quality educational soltuions in The Seventy-Four.

  • Feb 9 2017

    CRPE founder Paul Hill and research analyst Ashley Jochim offer recommendations for Detroit's new locally-elected school board in this op-ed, published in The Detroit News.