Commentary and Op-ed

  • Dec 2 2016

    Paul Hill's tribute to John Chubb appeared in Education Next.

  • Sep 14 2016

    CRPE director Robin Lake argues that school autonomy is crucial in her commentary was published in The New York Times' "Room for Debate" discussion "Is School Reform Hopeless?"

  • Aug 9 2016

    Ashley Jochim and Paul Hill share seven lessons learned about how reformers can best manage the politics that inevitably emerge when the portfolio strategy is implemented in this Education Next commentary.

  • Jun 27 2016

    Robin Lake argues that Michigan's recent public school bailout does not do enough to ensure quality district and charter schools for all children.

  • May 6 2016

    Paul Hill and Ashley Jochim point out the important role education reform centrists can play during times of political polarization.

  • Apr 20 2016

    Robin Lake was one of four national experts asked to comment on the National Association of Charter School Authorizers' 2015 annual survey.

  • Apr 7 2016

    In this op-ed for The Seattle Times, Robin Lake calls for Washington State education and community leaders to move past politics to help all students achieve their potential.

  • Feb 29 2016

    In the wake of Washington State's Supreme Court decision that charters could not receive traditional public school funding, Robin Lake's op-ed in The Seventy Four urges legislators to pass a bill that would fund charters, allowing the schools to stay open.

  • Feb 12 2016

    Paul Hill argues for better, targeted solutions for the unique challenges of rural schools in this guest commentary for RealClearEducation.

  • Dec 25 2015

    Full funding alone won't solve equity gaps in Washington schools, writes Robin Lake in an op-ed published in Tacoma's The News Tribune. The legislature must also explore how the money is allocated.