Commentary and Op-ed

  • Dec 1 2015

    The ESEA rewrite means it's up to us to hold districts accountable, writes Robin Lake in this op-ed for The Seventy Four.

  • Nov 12 2015

    The rampant blame game makes it less likely that we will find smart policy solutions for an intractable problem that plagues all school types, writes Sarah Yatsko in this RealClearEd commentary.

  • Nov 5 2015

    Sean Gill discusses public education, “natural” monopolies, why consumers deserve more choices in schooling, in this opinion piece for The Seventy-Four.

  • Oct 16 2015

    Robin Lake and Paul Hill discuss how Los Angeles can work to re-define public education as a collaborative enterprise in which a diverse set of school operators work together to maximize kids’ opportunities, in this Los Angeles Daily News commentary.

  • Oct 14 2015

    Robin Lake explains why CRPE stands by our study of Minneapolis ACT and graduation rates and encourages education officials to focus on improvement in this Minneapolis Star Tribune commentary.

  • Sep 12 2015

    Paul Hill and Ashley Jochim offer an alternative after the Washington Supreme Court charter school decision in this op-ed in the Tacoma News Tribune.

  • Jun 22 2015

    Betheny Gross outlines how common enrollment could help Detroit families navigate the city's complex school choice system, in this op-ed originally published in The Detroit News.

  • Jun 19 2015

    Robin Lake discusses how Nevada's new universal education savings account program can be successful in this commentary originally posted on Fordham Institute's ESA Wonkathon.

  • Apr 27 2015

    Paul Hill and Ashley Jochim argue that Chicago should limit the powers of citywide officials who oversee local public schools in this Chicago Tribune op ed.

  • Apr 22 2015

    In this Buffalo News op ed, Paul Hill and Ashley Jochim urges Buffalo leaders to look beyond what should be a brief period of mayoral control and seek a long-term solution.