Commentary and Op-ed

  • Jan 14 2015

    In this op ed, Paul Hill argues that redefining local school board roles will allow them to better focus on school quality.

  • Dec 26 2014

    In this USA Today guest editorial, Robin Lake and Richard Whitmire describe how charter schools are improving their discipline methods and reducing attrition rates.

  • Nov 13 2014

    Robin Lake, Ashley Jochim, and Michael DeArmond discuss challenges facing Detroit's school system and offer possible solutions in this Education Next article.

  • Oct 22 2013

    In this commentary in The Atlantic, Paul Hill assesses NYC schools' progress and calls for the incoming mayor to understand what Mayor Michael Bloomberg's reform initiatives have accomplished before tossing them out.

  • Aug 30 2006

    This Education Week commentary by CRPE affiliate Marguerite Roza lays out the benefits of district budget reform for both long-term fiscal stability and the ability to articulate priorities in district spending patterns.