CRPE in the News

CRPE’s ideas, strategies and research have an impact nationwide, helping education leaders at the federal, state, district, and school level. Find out what CRPE researchers are up to now.

  • Jan 15 2013

    This Associated Press article quotes Paul Hill's testimony in a Texas school finance trial.

  • Jan 9 2013

    Paul Hill and Marguerite Roza shared ideas for improving education with members of the Idaho Legislature.

  • Dec 17 2012

    Washington state residents used to enjoy a preference in admission to the University of Washington, but a new analysis shows that preference is now gone.

  • Dec 11 2012

    StudentsFirst recaps Marguerite Roza's testimony on school funding, given at the Ohio House and Senate finance committees.

  • Nov 26 2012

    Paul Hill lays out the benefits, rationale, and future of the portfolio strategy in this guest post on the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation's Education Reform blog.

  • Nov 21 2012

    Education Week
    Article features CRPE analysis of New York State charter school enrollment rates of students with special needs.

  • Nov 20 2012

    A fresh examination of special education enrollment patterns in New York State suggests that charter schools may be doing better at enrolling students with special needs than many believe.

  • Nov 19 2012

    Education Week
    Robin Lake quoted on SIG schools and whether SIG models are the best use of scarce federal funding for improving schools.

  • Nov 15 2012

    A new study of the financial implications for public schools embracing student-centered learning models reveals that districts don’t need to spend more on these schools if they fund all schools fairly, and then allow schools to make choices about how they use their resources.

  • Nov 13 2012

    In times of scarce resources and limited dollars, finding cost-effective ways to promote innovations in education is imperative.